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Organic CBD extraction

 Organic Cold Pressed Hemp CBD Extraction is on the rise.  Consumers world wide are waking up and demanding to know more and more what's in and what's not in their foods and topicals. The fast paced world of hemp extraction has unfortunately fallowed the THC industry in process extraction of cannabinoids. Most CBD company's use solvent based extractions or use butane gasses and high levels of heat for extraction. Using chemicals, gasses and high levels of heat produce greater yields but also damage, separate and concentrate the molecules and adulterate the plants natural beneficial compound. Apex Cold Pressed CBD extraction leaves all the beneficial vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and beneficial Phyto-CannaBinoiDs. 

Cold Pressed CBD Extraction

Cold Pressed Full Spectrum Oil is 100% raw and pure with zero additive chemicals and offers the cleanest hemp wellness products on the market. Apex Hemp Oil coined the term Cold Pressed CBD Oil in 2017 and have been leading the world markets with its all natural product. 

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